October 20, 2020

A ductless mini-split system, also known as a mini split, is a compact split-system heat pump or air conditioner. Like a heat pump or a central unit system, the mini-split features an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler. However, the two systems are very different.

The mini-split system is small, quiet, convenient and doesn’t need ductwork to function. The mini-split works in industrial, residential and commercial applications. Best of all, many of these systems can heat in winter and cool in summer. Want to learn more about the ductless mini-split? Read on to find some of the mini-split’s features and why you should consider purchasing it.

How Does It Work?

Mini-splits are cooling and heating systems that can allow you to control and regulate the temperatures in individual spaces or rooms. They have two main components – an indoor air-handling unit and an outdoor compressor. If you’re considering buying the mini-split, you’ll be glad to know that they’re easy to install and only require at most a three-inch hole through the wall for your conduit.

The mini-split has a very scalable system. You’re not only limited to installing only one indoor unit. What makes it even better is that each system runs independently.

A ductless mini-split is one practical way of getting more comfortable temperatures in parts of your house that are somehow hard to cool and heat. You can also consider buying it if you want total control over the temperature change in your home. Having a mini-split is a good investment for your commercial structure, too. It allows spot cooling and heating that functions independently of a central system.

These conduits house the communication and power cables, copper tubing and a drain line that link your indoor and outdoor units. They offer a great solution for new contractors and whole-home installations. The mini-split makes it easy to retrofit add-ons to your home with a non-ducted system like radiant panels and space heaters.

7 Benefits of Using the Ductless Mini-Split

1. Compact Size and Flexible Zoning

The main advantage of using mini-splits is their size and flexibility in terms of zoning. Many different brands and models come with up to four indoor air distributing units. Each of these units is connected to a compressor and a single outdoor unit.

With four indoor units, you can easily cool separate areas of your home or office. For simple and easy adjustments in temperature, you’ll have to ensure that each of your rooms has a separate thermostat. These units can be re-positioned to provide cooling for other rooms.

2. Easy Installation

Ease of installation is one of the main advantages of using ductless mini-splits. These systems are often easier to install, unlike other space conditioning systems. You can accomplish the connection between your outdoor and indoor systems with the help of a conduit inserted through the wall.

Because mini-split manufacturing companies have multiple conduits that vary in shape and size, you can install your outdoor unit up to a maximum of 50 feet away from your indoor unit. This is helpful, especially if you want to place the compressor unit at a building’s exterior sidewalls.

3. Energy Efficiency

Since mini-splits aren’t designed with ducts, they don’t experience that much energy loss. Generally, energy losses due to ductwork in some traditional AC systems lead to 30% of energy consumption. This happens particularly if your ducts are located in an area that isn’t being cooled.

You can control your home’s energy usage by keeping the AC running constantly during the humid days and nights of hot summer months and changing the temperature as needed.

4. Cost-Effective Appliance

Mini-splits are one of the most cost-effective pieces of equipment. Since you can control each distribution and indoor air handling unit independently, it allows you to lower or raise room temperatures as you like. Throughout the days and nights, you can conveniently and easily cool only the room that is used regularly.

This will rapidly lower your monthly energy bills. It also helps if you don’t want to spend the funds to cool all the zones in your home or office at the same time as your initial monthly mini-split purchase and installation. You can cool one or two areas, adding the remaining zones later. The versatility here is one of the most common benefits of having a ductless system.

5. Interior Design Options

With a mini-split AC installation in your place of business or home, you’ll have more design options available for your section. The interior distribution units can be suspended from the ceiling or hung on a wall. If your units can stand on the floor, you can change their placement.

Compared to other add-on systems, the ductless mini-split is more flexible in the interior design option. For instance, you can freely suspend the indoor air handlers from the ceiling. It can also be mounted into a drop ceiling or hung on the walls.

6. Noise Control

Nowadays, the brand, make and model of a mini-split offer quiet operation. This is especially true when setting the higher levels of your cooling system to cool your home or commercial interiors. Things were different earlier. In the past, models were somewhat noisy.

Most of these units have seven-inch deep profiles and always come with a high-tech, sleek-looking profile. You will enjoy using the remote control that makes it easier to adjust or turn the system on and off.
This modern mini-split fan runs at a lower speed while offering the best cooling degree through each zone.

7. Home Security

Because they only need small holes in commercial buildings or in your home walls to connect with the outside condenser, mini-split AC installation offers a safe and secure way of installation. In the case of a wall AC unit, it’s easy to dislodge them from the outside, thus enabling an intruder to enter your offices or home unnoticed.

The high cost is one of the primary disadvantages of mini-splits. These systems go with high charges. Such systems cost as high as $2,000 per ton of cooling capacity. When you do the calculations, you’ll find that this is about 30% more than the central systems. So, if you already have ductwork, it’s more effective to upgrade the system rather than switching to a ductless system

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