February 27, 2020

The first day of spring is here! As we head into the new season, many of us are dreading coming allergies. Hay fever is another name for those seasonal allergies, and you may not realize that 10% to 30% of all Americans suffer from it. The more pollen there is in the air, the more sinus irritation and respiratory problems you’ll have this spring. Fortunately, you have some control over the air in your home. Here are our tips to limit allergens from your indoor air.

What Comes In

As we mentioned, pollen is a substantial driver of seasonal allergies. However, it’s also important to realize that hay fever can be caused by pet dander, airborne dust, or mold spores as well. All of these pollutants can get into your home unless you take steps to prevent it.

Air filters are the one thing that can stop potential allergens from entering your home from your ducts and vents. You need to be sure to replace your filters every month for the best results and never let them collect dust for more than three months.

What Goes Up

Unfortunately, allergens don’t just originate from your air ducts. They can also enter the air from the furniture and flooring in your home. Every time you enter your home, you are potentially bringing pollutants inside as well. Carpets and rugs act as a sink for dust, which gets easily trapped in the fibers. When you walk across your carpet, all of those dust particles are sent into the air and potentially becoming irritants to your sinuses and respiratory system.

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