If you need professional drain cleaning in Albany, OR, Woodward Heating Air Plumbing is the company to which to turn. Having a plumber clean your drains is an easy way to prevent and overcome clogs. However, there may also be times when you need to hire a drain repair service to deal with clogs or certain other issues.

Drain Cleaning and Repair Services

Keeping the drains in your home clean is essential for ensuring you can always use your sinks, showers, etc. Kitchen drains are especially prone to issues since many people end up washing lots of food scraps, fat, etc., down them.

Using a sink strainer and disposing of fat, oil, and grease in the garbage should help prevent some issues. Nonetheless, cleaning the drain in your kitchen sink periodically is usually necessary, no matter how careful you are.

A total clog is a sure sign you need a drain cleaning service, but you should also watch out for these other issues:
  • Water starts draining more slowly than usual
  • Gurgling noises as the sink or shower drains
  • Foul odors emanating from the drain
  • Fruit flies coming out of the drain

When it comes to cleaning your drains, you should never use chemical drain cleaning products. While drain cleaner is effective, it is also incredibly harsh and has the potential to do major damage to your plumbing.

These overcounter products contain corrosive chemicals that can start to weaken or eat through a drain pipe. Most products also produce a chemical reaction that creates excessive heat, which can cause a PVC drain pipe to warp.

When dealing with drain issues, the best option is to try to clear the drain with a plunger. If this doesn’t work, cleaning the drain professionally will overcome the issue without risking damage to your plumbing.

Avoiding the use of chemical drain cleaners can help lessen the risk of you needing drain repairs. However, drains and drain pipes don’t last forever since they are prone to corroding or deteriorating over time.

This is why you should regularly inspect underneath all of your sinks to ensure they aren’t leaking. Standing water or signs of water damage are sure signs of a leak.

If your shower drain is leaking, you will often eventually notice that the flooring near the shower has started to warp or buckle. A leaky shower drain may also make the floor feel spongy or soft.

Albany’s Drain Repair Experts

Woodward Heating Air Plumbing is a second-generation, family-owned company, and we’ve been serving residential and commercial customers in the Albany area since 1989.

We pride ourselves on providing prompt, professional service and are fully dedicated to ensuring every customer is 100% satisfied. This means we’re always willing to go the extra mile and do whatever it takes to get every project done correctly.

Our team of professional plumbers is highly experienced in all aspects of drain repairs and cleaning. When you choose us, we will show up on time with everything we need to get the problem taken care of then and there.

Our honest, flat-rate pricing also means that you will know exactly how much the job will cost ahead of time.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your Albany home drains, contact Woodward Heating Air Plumbing to schedule a drain cleaning or drain repair.