Regular AC maintenance in Keizer, OR will keep your system running efficiently and quietly. We highly recommend scheduling a service at least once a year, with the best time being mid-to-late spring. If you schedule a service during summer, you might end up having to forego air conditioning for several times if immediate repairs are needed. On the other hand, servicing in autumn or winter isn’t the best idea, as you likely won’t be using your AC for some time. During that time, a lot of dust and dirt can accumulate in the nooks and crannies.

Your AC service will include a thorough inspection on top of intense cleaning. Our team pays attention to the smallest details and will get all the contaminants and particulates out of even the smallest nooks and crannies. This greatly improves the quality of the indoor air, which can be beneficial for those struggling with autoimmune disorders and allergies. If you like sitting in front of the AC on a hot, summer day, you definitely want to make sure that the air that’s circulated doesn’t contain any mites, dust, pollen or other contaminants that could trigger your body. We’ll also be able to check for any repairs that may be needed. It’s always better if you can catch the problems while they’re still minor.