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When the temperature gets warm, many Salem, Oregon households turn up their air conditioners. A resident wants a home that offers a cool haven to the outside heat. However, when the A/C is not working properly, it is essential to seek professional air conditioning repair. Experts know how to quickly identify issues and get the unit working again.

All technicians are fully licensed and trained so that clients receive comprehensive air conditioning repair services. No matter the makes or models, the skilled workers will be able to identify problems and perform fast and effective fixes. To schedule an appointment, call the office today.

A/C Repairs Prevent Replacement Expenses

Air conditioner repairs are often necessary after faulty installation, incorrect calibration, or increased age of the unit. Things happen, but uncovering the problem early may prevent the need for total replacement.

Woodward Heating provides skilled A/C repairs that restore units to top running condition. Its technician has years of experience dealing with various brands and can restore cooling systems back to reliable function. After repairs are completed, technicians return to ensure service continues without hassle.

Thanks to affordable repairs, homeowners will enjoy energy efficiency from existing units without the need to pay for costly replacements. When the time comes for upgrades, Woodward will be there to offer recommendations for the best options.

Woodward Heating Makes Air Conditioning Repair Simple

Emergencies can strike at any time, and the experts at Woodward Heating will be there in clients’ times of need. This business provides 24-hour emergency services so that customers never need to suffer uncomfortable household conditions.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

HVAC experts know the five most common problems that strike cooling devices and require air conditioning repair.

The Air Conditioning Runs but Does Not Blow Cold Air.

When the outside temperatures are sweltering, a person wants to head indoors to remain comfortably cool. It can be very troubling when an air conditioner is running, but the unit is blowing warm air. The most common reason behind this issue is a broken condenser. Also, there may be a refrigerant problem. In certain cases, leaks cause refrigerant to drain too fast. Dirty coils may be to blame as well.

The Condenser Runs, But the Compressor Stops Running.

A poor electrical connection may be behind air compressor issues. Also, a liquid refrigerant lock-up may be to blame.

There is Not Enough Air Blowing from the Central Air Conditioner.

When the outdoor or indoor units are running, but too little air is blowing, there may be a blockage or leak in the ductwork. Motor damage may be an issue as well.

The A/C is Creating an Abundance of Noise.

When the inside of a home is filled with noise from the air conditioner, there may be something trapped in the blower.

The Invertor Blower Starts but Stops After a Short Amount of Time.

When an air conditioner’s cycle is interrupted, a capacitor may need to be repaired or replaced.

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