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Having an efficient heat pump system is one of the most affordably sound and energy efficient decisions you can make. Yet some homeowners miss out on these beneficial savings because of subpar heat pump system performance.

Routine maintenance for your heat pump system is the best proactive remedy. However, when trouble arises with your heat pump and repairs are needed, rapid action is crucial.

Signs Your Heat Pump Might Need to Repair

To prevent wasted money on energy bills, it’s important to pay attention to your home comfort systems and monthly energy bill. Some signs your heat pump might need a repair include:

  • A significant increase in your monthly energy bill
  • Noise or excessive vibrations coming from your system
  • No noticeable reduction in temperature when system is active
  • Smoke or chemical smell when unit is active (immediately turn off and call us for emergency service)

The more obvious signs deserve direct and immediate attention from a certified professional. However, a heat pump system that’s working improperly could be hard to detect. Poor heat pump system performance may be due to undersized ductwork, an outdated system, or an improper heat pump installation.

Forget Average. Trust The Best for Your Heat Pump Repairs.

When it comes to heat pump repairs, the Woodward Heating team is the very best in helping enable homeowners in the Salem, Oregon and McMinnville OR area to reach their true savings potential. Our technicians are equipped with the tools, skills, and know-how to tackle any heat pump repair.

Learn more about the Woodward Heating difference, and speak with one of our team members today!

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