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Managing heat is a tough job. Since heat naturally rises and flows from a warm area to a colder one, creating an adequate amount of heat in colder temperatures can be a big expense. That’s where a heat pump comes in.

A heat pump is a special system that can be added to your current home comfort system to increase effectiveness, comfort and savings. By pulling already-present heat from the outdoors and forcing it into a home, a heat pump saves your current home system from exerting extra energy. Less energy spent means less money spent. Having a heat pump system installed to compliment your current comfort systems is the ultimate way to boost your monthly energy bill savings.

Instead of creating heat or coolness from raw energy, a heat pump relocates it–from the great outdoors to the comfort of your home, or vice versa when you switch to cooling. The more efficient the heat pump, the more savings you will experience.

New Heat Pump Technology

The latest advancements in heat pump technology are truly impressive. A well-maintained and newly installed heat pump system can last over 14 years! However new homeowners might be inheriting an old system. A number of important factors make it hard to pinpoint the average lifespan of a heat pump system–from frequency of maintenance to date of purchase. Those inheriting systems that are 10 years or older would do well to consider a system upgrade.

Heat Pump Brands Offered by Woodward Heating

At Woodward Heating, our technicians are trained to service all makes and models of the leading heat pump manufacturers. This includes brands like Lennox, Trane, Carrier and more. There’s no heat pump installation job too small or too complex in the Salem, McMinnville OR region that our dedicated team can’t handle. If you want all-purpose heat pump expertise, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose Woodward Heating for Your Heat Pump Installation?

Without a strong foundation, a house cannot endure everything nature throws its way. Similarly, without a proper heat pump installation, you cannot hope to reap the most from your investment in comfort and affordability. Trust Woodward Heating to install your heat pump system right, the first time, because our name is our guarantee! Once your heat pump is installed, our Woodward Heating Assured Comfort Club provides all your heat pump maintenance needs to ensure that your heat pump will run at peak performance year round.

How to Choose a Heat Pump for My Home

Heat pumps come in all different shapes and sizes. And if you have unique limitations on your property, custom heat pump solutions do exist. The team at Woodward Heating is equipped to make energy efficiency a reality in your home through a heat pump installation that doesn’t waste space or time.

Affordable comfort solutions are only a few clicks away. Give us a call today to learn how a heat pump installation can work for you!

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