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Ductless systems are extremely easy to install and simple to operate. Typical devices have two units. One is placed inside, and the other is positioned outdoors. Despite the dual unit design, they take up much less space than conventional HVAC systems.

Save Energy and Switch to Ductless

The efficiency of ductless systems is hard to beat. Thanks to the way the refrigerant lines deliver energy to a room, less power is needed, and less heat is lost. Forced air units can lose up to 30 percent of their energy as they push cool air up large mazes of duct work. Ductless systems use thinner piping to get energy to compact units that easily deliver comfortable air to spaces.

When a person wants to save 30 to 40 percent in energy costs, ductless is the way to go. There are a number of practical products that are superior to forced air systems. Ductless units heat and cool a space without the need to have electric baseboards or radiators in a room.

Split Ductless System

Since eight separate indoor units can be used with one exterior unit, a homeowner may be attracted to a split-ductless system. This means the house will have up to eight individually controllable zones. For example, at night during sleep, only necessary bedrooms need to be heated or cooled. Likewise, if a person is in the living room, only this space must be heated or cooled. This saves a great deal of energy and lowers a person’s monthly energy bills. Even though a ductless system is very efficient, it is wise to make sure a home’s windows, doors, and empty spaces are adequately insulated so that no air escapes.

By offering high quality products and fast installation, Woodward Heating makes it easy to switch to a ductless system. Each unit delivers dependable heating and cooling so that a home’s temperature is always comfortable.

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