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Ductless Heat Pumps: Are they an option for you?


Ductless Heat Pump Eligibility in Portland, OR Woodward heating salem oregonWhen a person lives in an Oregon home where ductwork does not exist, it may be wise to consider a ductless heating system. Since this unit allows a user to control each zone independently, it is one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool a house or office, which means a person will enjoy lower energy bills at the end of each month.

A ductless system is a smart way to replace or supplement heat from an electric baseboard or space heater. To save the most money, it is advised to install a single-zone system in the main living area of a house and keep existing baseboards in the bathroom and bedrooms.

Ductless Heat Pumps for New Construction

When new homes and office buildings are built, they can take advantage of the many benefits of ductless systems. Installing these types of units saves time and money from running pipes throughout the structures. Multiple units can be placed in various zones, but the necessary refrigerant lines are minimized. Since heat pumps supply warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer, they provide comfortable interior conditions throughout the year.

Home Additions and Ductless Heat Pumps

When a homeowner initiates a room addition, a ductless system can be the perfect heating and cooling solution. It is also smart when an attic is transformed into a functional living space. Instead of extending existing ductwork or adding a new electric heater, a ductless system can be used to economically warm and cool the space.

Consulting with an HVAC company is the best way to learn if a ductless heat pump is a good fit for a particular business or residence. Professionals will examine the space, will explain the potential energy savings associated with using these types of units, and will recommend the most efficient device.

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